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Laura is a pediatric feeding therapist, a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and co-owner of Speech Hens. She works with children and their families on responsive eating and making mealtimes more manageable.

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Heidi is the owner-operator of Generations Marketplace and Learning Center. Here, she runs an on-farm learning center to help educate and inspire people of all ages to know where their food comes from and make steps to becoming more self-sufficient.


Together Laura and Heidi have created a program for any child; but especially perfect for any hesitant or picky eaters.

This 7-week program is perfect for your "picky eaters" to teach them about a hands-on farm to table experience and help them develop confidence with new foods. Join us on the farm for this great program!


Your child will:

-learn about a new seasonal food each week

-learn skills to becoming a confident eater

-explore food in fun ways with no pressure to eat

-cook/make something new each week

-become an adventurous eater!

You will have strategies to use at home to make your mealtimes less stressful!

Join us for Spring, Summer, or Fall!

The investment to you is $225 (+tax), and add a sibling for $100 (+tax). *cost is for one 7-week program*

Spring: April 17-May 29, 5:30-7pm

Summer: July 3-August 14, 10-11:30 OR 5:30-7pm

Fall: September 18-October 30, 5:30-7pm


A sought-after program is making a return this summer... with a twist!!
Introducing Kindergarten Readiness camp, Farm edition!

Help your soon-to-be kindergartener get ready for school with our program, created by 2 Speech-Language Pathologists at Speech Hens.

We let the teachers focus on academics, and our program puts a focus on skills to help ease your child's transition to school, such as:

·         following a routine

·         becoming more independent

·         turn taking and sharing

·         how to ask for help

·         early literacy skills


Our morning follows a routine and includes the following activities:

·         morning circle and introductory activity

·         crafts

·         outside play, including animal discovery!

·         snack

·         language-based activities

Contact Speech Hens for more information or to register!

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